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Wanna be a badass like me? Find out how!

2009-11-23 10:54:45 by Exekeal

"Hey everyone, Exekeal here to tell you how totally awesome and kickass I am. Today on my way to work I totally drop kicked this kid in the face cuz he called me a noob. LOL!!11!! Then I like totally said to his mom, hey baby! She was like omfg! ROLF!1!1!! I know I am so totally bad ass, thast why my 3 internet girlfriends love me and send me pictures of there boobies"

Is it just me or are you tired of people who talk like this on there blogs? You would think these people are joking but upon asking a few of them, they are dead in there convictions that they are bad ass. I mean honestly has the bar been lowered so far that anyone with a keyboard and a free hand not on there crotch can call them selfs a bad ass on the internet?

This shit is getting out of hand, I hope the next person who writes about how awesome they are has a sudden power surge in their house. Then they can die in front of there computer with their dick in hand, covered in burnt piss and shit.

The whole purpose of blogging has been lost on the idiotic user base of the internet community. A blog should be a discussion of artist views, scientific thoughts, new or factual information based on hobbies. Not a five paragraph bullshit story because your recharging after visiting porn sites for the last four hours.

Yea I might be crossing the line into bitching, but honestly... aren't you tired of these frauds? Come on... you know you are.

Wanna be a badass like me? Find out how!

Let me tell you the easiest way to be cool on newgrounds. First you have to take a totally awesome picture of yourself and digitally edit it, so that it adds effect. Then you have to go around and flame everyone submission in order to establish the fact that your an asshole, and last but not least you have to love runescape.

I don't personally do any of these things because if you do then your a loser. Who cares about being cool on newgrounds. Isn't this site suppose to be a place to hang out watch videos and play games? I laugh for every comment I get about someone saying im a fag or a loser. When will you little brats grow up, anyone over the age of 20 on this site pretty much acts appropriately, its these little 12 year old brats throwing sissy fits because there pixle animation got a bad review or they have nothing better to do than whine and complain while there sneaking on to the the computer to watch porn. Fuck these little brats man. I am tired of all these little fuckers.

So the next time one of you stupid little bitch ass kids have something to say... dont bother... dont even waste your breath because I don't care. You'll never see me, you'll never kick my ass, and until you can learn to spell and pass the 3rd grade im not even going to consider you on my playing field. So I offer you a solution to your problems. If you wanna flame me, go ahead but be warned that Im UBER AEWESOME on newgrounds and I'll probably just kick your ass online or something.

Hey... Wanna Be Cool On Newgrounds?